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What the heck is dot and feather, you might ask? !

Well, it started as an inside joke to describe the household and to distinguish our respective friends apart because the term "Indian" has been used to refer to folks born in India as well as to folks born in North, Central, and South America and a few other places to boot.

In the Summer of 2001, National Public Radio [KPCC] broadcast a weeklong feature on California Tribes. During one of the segments there was a conversation about an event where the presenters asked all people who were born in America to raise their hands. The presenter then went on to tell all of those who had raised their hands that they were Native Americans, that is to say, born in America. Other presenters commented on how it was agood thing that Columbus was looking for India rather than Turkey or the Virgin Islands because otherwise folks would now be known as "turkeys" or "virgins". The long and the short of it is that some Tribal Members use the term "Indian" and others don't.

Now back to the question that started it all --

"Dot" refers to the circular typically red marking (bindi) worn by Hindus (India) on their foreheads. I'm the "dot" part of the household and Shivaratri is my favorite event of the year taking place in either February or March (Hindus utilize the lunar year), so check please out the links to Rudram.

"Feather" refers to items either worn or held by the native peoples of North America during pow wow and other ceremonies.

I also was culinary student who ended studies in baking and pastry in December of 2004. If you have any interest, here's my portfolio (a work in process).

Frankly, despite the passage of time this site has remained merely a list of links. As time and inspiration permit I hope to expand in different directions, but for now it's my passion for those things culinary.

If you have information or suggestions for links, images, logos, etc, please do not hesitate to write.


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